Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Clint Eastwood is a bankrobber running into car thief Jeff Bridges. Arthur Kennedy and Geoffrey Lewis are former partners of Eastwood, looking for the money from a previous robbery. The money seems to be lost so they all decide to rob the same bank a second time.

Michael Cimino's debut as a director is a mix of road movie and heist film. It's very much an American film, a bit John Ford, the characters almost lost in the wide open spaces. Basically, it's just about a silly bank heist, but the movie shows the difference between a hack and a real artist, with Cimino going for the small details. An extra bonus is the sight of Bridges in drag!

The ending goes in a darker direction, and the final image is strangely similar to the one in American Heart.


  1. Are you going to watch or rewatch Fat City by any chance? It has one of the saddest final images I've ever seen... And it's a hell of a movie.

  2. Yes! Fat City is next. Great film!