Sunday, September 5, 2010


I answered a questionnaire for the Spanish newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya. It should have been printed by now, so I'll put it up here on the blog as well.

1. Describe an image from your childhood.

I am on my way home from the comic book store. I have a copy of the new Batman in my hands. Two bullies from junior high step in front of me. They knock me down and steal my comic. I lie in the bushes, crying. I can hear the voice of a woman, from somewhere above me. -Don't cry, her voice says. -One day you will see Neal Adams at a comic book convention in America.

2. Where will you be in 10 minutes?

In two minutes a woman will knock on my door. She wears sunglasses and a beat up fedora . She says she has something to show me. I put on my shoes and follow her down the stairs. In the street we pass the mailman. We sit down on a parkbench. It's still a bit wet from the rain. -Well, what?, I say. -Not yet, she answers, looking at her silver pocket watch. Two more minutes pass. And then...

3. And in 10 years, with some luck?

I'll be bald and fat. I'll have retired from comics, after the fiasco of the I killed Adolf Hitler movie. I blame Hollywood. I become an alcoholic. I wander the earth, losing all my money. I wake up in a gutter somewhere. A woman looks at me. She wears a familiar perfume. She gives me a bowl of soup. I become her gardener, finding out I don't miss comics that much.


  1. ajajajajajaj, "after the fiasco of the adolf hitler movie"
    once thought about the adaptation of these comic, the end is so perfect. Anyway, The Left Bank Gang is a kind of tribute to The Killing and Reservoir Dogs, don't you? but the greats writers factor give the five element!


    (a good short movie;

  2. Yes, Left Bank Gang was very much influenced by The Killing.

  3. I love your strip about balding. I find myself in this position all the time. Ugh, why do men have to go through this..
    Left Bank Gang movie would be perfect!

  4. i've always thought your comics would be nicely directed by hal hartley...