Friday, July 26, 2019

Some books I've read 40

Syvsoverskens dystre frukost by Tor Aage Bringsvaerd.
It was fun rereading this novel by my favourite Norwegian novelist in my teens, following different characters in New York and then... it gets weird.

Eye in the Sky by Philip K. Dick
Inception before Inception.

The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter
I've been thinking it would be fun to do a serial killer comic, and to do that I'd need to read a serial killer novel. This book has all the cliches of the genre, with more than one nod to Seven. The sollution was pretty effective, I must admit. Probably not gonna do the comic, though.

Autumn in Venice: Ernest Hemingway and His Last Muse by Andrea di Robilant
Hemingway falls in love with a 30 years younger Italian woman and then writes a novel about it, Across the River and Into The Trees. Great title, bad novel, well, I must confess I haven't read it, yet. This is the older Hemingway, who had lost some of his talent and who mistreated his wife, Mary. It's the beginning of the end.

Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell by David Yaffe
Okay biography, going album by album, but the writer spends too much time on analyzing songs.

Master of Kung Fu: Fight Without Pity by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy
Martial arts meets James Bond. The Gulacy stuff is brilliant, but there are filler stories by less inspired cartoonists as well.

Copra Round One, Two and Three by Michel Fiffe
Ditko meets David B. Love the drawings and storytelling, not totally hooked on the story.

Sempé à New York
A collection of all his New Yorker covers + an interview in both English and French.