Friday, June 2, 2023

Some books I've read 58

All of the Marvels by Douglas Wolk

A bit disappointing, I would say. But maybe, it's just me, that for the most part am not that interested in what happened after the mid eighties. Spider-Man being an example. I never read the clone saga, and then the stuff after that, One More Day and so on, sounds even worse.

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert 

It's okay. A bit slow, maybe. But a masterpiece compared to...

God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

O boy, where to begin... did the writer fall on his head? The story takes place thousands of years after the previous book. Paul's son, Leto, is now half human, half worm, and... he likes to talk. A lot. Basically it's him lecturing about something the whole book, and the other persons around going, -That's interesting, please tell us more. 500 pages of this. I, somehow, finished the book, but I am now beginning to doubt I will read the two last books in the series.

Color of Money by Walter Tevis 

Not bad. But it's a month or two since I read it, and I already don't remember much.

The Hemingway Hoax by Joe Haldeman 

Before Everything Everywhere All At Once, there was... this book. A man decides to fake the Hemingway stories that Hadley lost on the train in Gare de Lyon. Agents of time and space try to stop him, first in this universe, then the next. Pretty fun as an exercise, does it stick the landing? Maybe, maybe not.

Raymond Carver: An Oral Biography by Sam Halpert

It's an oral biography, but not in strict chronological order, which is usually the case in this sort of books. So you get a bit lost in the story of Carver's life, especially since he and his family moved around a lot. But this book makes me want to re-read his short stories.

The Art of Alice and Martin Provensen

Great collection of illustrations from their whole career. Would have loved to see more from their travel sketchbooks.