Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bravados

Gregory Peck arrives in a small town to see the hanging of four men he believes raped and killed his wife. They manage to escape and Peck and a posse go after them. The film also stars Joan Collins as a former flame of Peck and Lee Van Cleef as one of the killers.

It's strange to see a young Joan Collins in this film. For people my age she will always be Alexis, from Dynasty. Just like it's strange to see John Forsythe, Blake, in The Trouble With Harry. Gregory Peck is very good in a dark and haunted role as the widower. It's an excellent film. What could have been a simple revenge film turns out to be something more, it's rather about the futility of revenge.

In the last image of the film the situation is maybe a bit too perfect (Compare it to the ending of The Searchers). It's a chance for Peck to start a new life with a new wife, but how much can a person change?

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