Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Penguin schmenguin

There's a new book out, Penguin 75, a collection of their best covers. They've included the one I did for Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums. For some reason I'm credited as Jason Lambiek. I have no idea how they came up with this as my last name. Its a mystery to Paul Buckley, the editor, as well. One of the dangers of using a one name pseudonym, I suppose. Anyway, it's a very nice book, with a foreword by Chris Ware.


  1. They probably googled this site:
    & confused the name with the url... Quite odd, really.
    The cover art and the mini-comic is wonderful though!

  2. Thanks! Yes, that might be an explanation.

  3. This version of the book is my favourite, it's just beautiful as... a 'book'
    Stangely on my copy the cover art credit is simply 'Jason'

  4. Luckily Lambiek is one of the finest comic stores on the continent (this one at least), named after a character of Willy Vandersteen.
    ps Chris Ware made a tiny comic for this store