Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michael Caine

At Gibert Joseph here in Montpellier I found a copy of Get Carter for only three euros, a film I hadn't seen before. Even though I like The Italian Job and The Ipcress File. Caine also did this strange, little movie called Pulp that was pretty good. Some thoughts:
I guess I won't be going to Newcastle any day soon. Is there a British Tourism Association? I guess. They can't have been happy about this film. Clouded skies and depressing brickbuildings from beginning to end.

It's easy to rant about modern films and CGI, but at least they can make a person falling off a building look convincing. It seems to often have been the climax in movies from the 70s, the hero punching the bad guy from a roof, and it always looked fake. It's obviously a dummy. You almost wonder, is it the one and same dummy they used in all the falling off the roof-sequences in all the movies in the 70s? I wouldn't be surprised.

Movies from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s (first half, at least) all have a timeless feel. Then came the 70s. Boom! Sideburns and long hair in the back, as long as the eye can see.This movie, the last Connery Bond, the first Moore one. Had they no idea? They thought they actually looked good?

On the other hand: Britt Ekland.


  1. here it is the best (worst) falling dummy scene ever!

  2. I was thinking about Italian giallo movies when I wrote that comment about fake dummies, but I had completely forgotten this scene from Don't Torture A Duckling. Pure genius!