Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Long, Mary Ann

I'll write a couple of words about each of the six stories in Athos in America. First: So Long, Mary Ann. It's quite influenced by the film noir Raw Deal, directed by Anthony Mann, with cinematography by the great John Alton. It has some of the same story elements: a prison escape, a couple on the run, a love triangle. It's a good film, but in my head I saw an other ending. There's also my version of the ultimate film noir bad guy. And yes, I stole the title from Leonard Cohen, just changing it from Marianne to Mary Ann.


  1. It's great we could see that part of the process of a book I know I'll love.

  2. Thanks! There are more sketches and finished pages on this blog from when I was working on the book. They can be found by using the google search motor, for those that are interested.