Saturday, August 13, 2011

Norman Saunders

Just got my copy of "Norman Saunders", published by The Illustrated Press, a collection of his illustration work, from pulp and men's magazines to Topps trading cards. There's also sketches from China that he did during World War 2 and from Europe that he did on travels later in life. It's all great stuff. The book is a big, fat 360 page hardcover, so don't drop it on your foot.


  1. As silly and naive as it is, I was wearing a Mars Attacks "Prize Captive" t-shirt the night my 1st son was born. So, in all the photos, theres this skinny, 22 year old kid wearing a shirt with a martian attacking a woman on it, holding this tiny 1 day old infant, neither of them having any idea what their getting into. Its kind of embarrassing now.

  2. Hey, that's great story to tell on his wedding day! And at least it wasn't a I'm with Stupid t-shirt...