Sunday, April 3, 2011


... from The Iron Wagon.


  1. :O I received just yesterday*"What I Did" as a gift from my cousin and now I have the English translation of "The Iron Wagon" in addition to the Spanish edition published by Astiberri, when I get home I will spot differences, if any (Well, besides the size that's bigger on Astiberri prints in comparision with Fantagraphics)

    *I had been diggin it, mostly by "Shhh..." since the Astiberri edition "¡Chhht!" ran out of stock

  2. The killer is somebody else in the Spanish edition of The Iron Wagon!

  3. here some fun lyrics by: AngelSpit (Wreak Havoc)

    Brutal acts of sapiens leave Jehovah in disgust
    creative acts of clever monkeys leaves the devil envious
    Add up all of Hades' blessings Total all of heavens' curse
    Let you know we've done it better Horrifically we did it worse

    I am the 6th son of the 6th son of the 6th son I am the borged again son of war
    Technology's child, daughter of rebellion, son of a bitch blossom of a whore
    I am a god-killing virus, destruction with 8 arms, monster with seven severed heads
    I am the son of mars, cleansed with infected blood, vile disease walking on 2 legs

    The devil made me do it

    Wreak Havoc (Right now right now RIOT NOW/ Unleash hell)

    dirty human gone insane Outshadows any part of Hell
    Hope and horror mixed in blood a seething mass out of control
    Our shining future in revolt while senile gods are in retreat
    Left right wrong right Makes the heavens obsolete

    I am beyond god I am human I am the razor blade on the communion tray
    I am a freak in control not a control freak, I am the sheep that got away,
    I am burning but never consumed, determined with nothing to lose
    I am who I am who I am who I am who am I?

    pretty girl pretty boy pretty insane pretty fucked up

    Made real put into action, surgically atoned to perfection
    Made flesh, son of bland, fuck your plans for redemption

  4. Well... they screw the order of the last text boxes ("last seen" and "floating text") and i can't even wonder why because is literaly the same text and the translator could keep the original order and retain the context.
    But it could be that Fantagraphics swapped the text boxes first in their trasnlation and was Astiberri who keep the original order.

    The next image is a huge Spoiler kids

  5. Offtopic:
    have you seen Sunset Boulevard?