Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Virus in Scotland, death and chaos, quarantine, big wall, 30 years later, Now. Written and directed by Neil Marshall. 

I can admire the concept of this film: Escape From New York meets Mad Max 2. It shows balls. Someone like a young Tarantino could maybe have gotten away with it. Marshall does not. Why is it that all modern action films look like they were directed by the same guy? There's no real style. And how do you make a film like this and not have a single piece of quotable dialogue? No Ayatollah of Rock'n Rollah? No Call me Snake? It has the NOW text line, a Carpenter-ish synth theme, even two characters named Miller and Carpenter, all fine and good, but shouldn't it also have some juice of its own? The one original idea, the gimmick with the woman's camera eye is pretty silly, even if it plays a role at the end of the film. Most of all it makes you want to rewatch the films it's ripping off.


  1. resident evil, the gladiator. the lord of the rings, fast and furius....all these films put together badly

  2. Ridley Scott got some style. Prometheus was disappointing, but he can get the job done with a good script.