Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ah, youtube...

The dangers of youtube (rather than drawing your comics), part 2. There are lots of documentaries about or interviews with filmmakers. To watch stand up specials is also an easy way to lose time. Some people recommended Stewart Lee who I find a bit hard to get into. Dylan Moran on the other hand, the Irish comedian, is very funny, especially Monster. His sitcom, Black Books, I found less interesting. Demetri Martin is also a good comedian. I ended up getting his cd Stand Up Comedian.

And I got hooked on scientology. Not as a religion! Just by watching documentaries. There are two by John Sweeney from BBC. That lead to listening to podcast interviews with Lawrence Wright, the author of scientology exposé Going Clear. It's quite fascinating, and mindboggling, to learn about this "church", which in fact is a big bully, attacking members who has gotten out and whose response to any criticism is to lie about everything and then dig up dirt about the accuser. Not to mention Xenu the intergalactic warlord.


  1. I would recommend the interview with Hollywood actor Jason Beghe: "Actor Jason Beghe on life inside Scientology". Fascinating stuff. Also fascinating that so many people fall for it.

    By the way, read Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion". It's very good!

  2. Will check it out.

    Tony Ortega's blog The Underground Bunker is also a good place to stay up to date on what's going on with scientology.