Wednesday, August 21, 2013



  1. Nice picture.

    Totally unrelated, can I ask you how you usually do your word balloons?

    I find it a bit hard to assess how big a balloon should be, especially when drawing in a size that's bigger than the final page should be. So far I've been omitting the balloons from the original drawing, then scanning it into the computer and drawing the balloon on the computer. Then when I've adjusted the size of the balloon, I draw a balloon by hand, which I scan, exposes, and pastes into the drawing on the computer.
    However this is a bit cumbersome, and I would also like to free myself of the digital pestilence.

    Do you have any tips for making the balloons the right sizes by hand?

  2. After having sketched in the characters, with light pencil, I do the lettering, which have a height of 4 mm, with a 1 mm gap between the text lines, and then draw the word balloon. Then, knowing exactly how big the word balloon is, I can finish the penciling and do the inking. Even 3 mm is usually readable, but the 4+1 is just easier to do on the ruler. Some people prefer a wider gap, so 3+2 is also a possibility.

  3. Thanks!
    Are those measures for the original drawing on A4?

  4. I use those measures for both A3 and A4. The size of the panels are about the same.

  5. Okay, I see. Thank you!