Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Missouri Breaks

Jack Nicholson is a horsethief and Marlon Brando tries to capture him. Also starring Harry Dean Stanton, directed by Arthur Penn.

-Can I give my character an Irish accent?
-I guess you could, Marlon.
-And he's a birdwatcher.
-Well, Marlon, he's a regulator, you know, a gunman. This is a Western, after all.
-But he can still watch birds, no?
-Sigh... Okay, Marlon
-Can I wear a funny hat?
-Sure, Marlon,why not. You do whatever you want.

There was something wrong with my disc, so I was unable to watch the last half hour. I will never know how the story ends. Yes, life can be rough sometimes.


  1. Waldemar ┼Üwierzy made ​​some of the best Polish posters. The Missouri Breaks is great, but the most I like his interpretation of Sunset Blvd.