Friday, August 2, 2013

Sidney Lumet

Top 5 Sidney Lumet films:

1. 12 Angry Men
2. Dog Day Afternoon
3. Serpico
4. The Verdict
5. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead


  1. What, no Deathtrap?? :)

    I actually love Deathtrap. I saw it in the theater as a kid and loved it, and the Caine/Reeve kiss blew my 11-year-old mind. It actually holds up pretty well as a filmed play.

    But it doesn't belong on this list, which is very solid.

  2. Haven't seen Deathtrap.

    Just saw The Fugitive Kind, with Marlon Brando, very good, that actually could take the place of Before The Devil on the list.

  3. Where are The Hill, Failsafe, Network, Equus...? ;)

    On my personal Lumet top 5 "The Hill" is number one together with 12 angry men.

  4. Haven't seen The Hill. Will have to check it out. The same with Equus. Fail Safe I've seen, but a long time ago.

    Network, and other movies about TV, I have a problem with, since you're supposed to learn some sort of lesson. That's not why I watch movies.