Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And another

A review by Douglas Wolk inThe Washington Post,

“Lost Cat” is, in part, a riff on “The Big Sleep”: There’s a bookstore clerk, a significant nude picture, a P.I. getting roughed up at every turn. On the other hand, what it very cleverly builds toward isn’t exactly the resolution of a Raymond Chandler mystery. Its most “hard-boiled” moment is literal: Delon, alone in his kitchen, cooks some eggs, and when we look away from the stove again, years have passed. That’s followed by a third-act twist that has almost certainly never before happened in a noir story. Once again, Jason lets us know that what we’ve been reading is much stranger and sweeter — and darker — than we thought it was.


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to read this. It's going to be an early birthday gift to myself!

    By the way, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I was trying to find a contact email but no luck. I was wondering if you sell prints or sketches or anything like that? My email address is . Thanks so much, Jason!


  2. Hello Trish,

    thanks! I made a print for Fantagraphics, here:
    but it's probably sold out by now.

    And I also sell originals at The Beguiling, here:

  3. Thank you! I appreciate it. I'll ask and see if they have any more of that print you made for Fantagraphics but I noticed the date posted was quite a while ago. And I'm probably too poor to afford an original art piece right now, but one of these days, I hope. Thanks again. :)