Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lost description

There's now a description of Lost Cat on amazon:

Jason’s full-length detective graphic novel revolves around a missing cat — and a missing woman.
A detective is walking down the street. It is raining. He sees a “Lost Cat” poster. A minute later he sees the cat from the photo. He picks it up and goes back to the poster. He calls the number. A woman answers. He turns up at her place and gives her the cat. She invites him in from the rain for a cup of coffee. They talk and find out they have a lot in common: both are divorced and living alone. Some days later he invites her out for a dinner. She accepts. He shows up at the agreed time. She doesn’t. He calls her home and knocks on her door. No answer. He asks the neighbors. They haven’t seen her. She has disappeared. He makes some phone calls and investigates, but can’t find her. He gets a new client and has to start working on a new case. In his head he continues their conversation. Lost Cat, the new graphic novel by Jason (after years of “graphic novellas” of less than 50 pages, arguably his first genuine graphic NOVEL) is both a playful take on the classic detective story, and a story about how difficult it is to find a sister spirit, someone you feel a real connection to—and what do you do if you lose that person? Two color throughout


  1. I'm really looking forward to this. I'll have to wait for the English version, but it sounds like it will definitely be worth it.

  2. damn, june seems still so far away... looking forward to it, though!