Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And more stuff

Bought in Paris:

Cassidy's Girl by David Goodis
A Son of The Circus by John Irving

Husbands by Cassavetes
The Candidate, with Robert Redford
None But The Brave by Frank Sinatra
Soldier Blue
Easy Living
Empire of The Sun by Spielberg
Taken by Pierre Morel

Yes, I bought Taken! Look, it only cost 4 euros. I was curious what all the fuss was about, okay?


  1. Aaaargh. Taken! I was told to watch it so I could learn what a good action thriller was.

    The male equivalent of First Wives Club. Probably works best seen with other divorced buddies.

  2. Ha ha. Yes, I'm having some doubts about the film. I like some of the Luc Besson films from the 80s, they had some charm, but that's been lost in the later, more americanized films he has produced.