Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kingdom of Heaven, director's cut

It's a long film and feels like it. I split it up in two viewings. One problem is that we never really get under the skin of the characters. How did people speak thousand years ago? According to films like this they spoke as if they were making speeches, saying stuff they had prepared the night before. I'm not sure I buy it. Where are the people who sound like idiots, like you and me? Really, they were all eloquent? All the time? But the film looks great. That's the least you expect from Ridley Scott. The money is up on the screen, as they say. The final battle scene is impressive. Orlando Bloom is maybe too lightweight, he doesn't have the gravitas of Liam Neeson who he's supposed to be the son of. Still... the film is pretty good, in a Hollywood kind of way, and better than the original, shorter version.

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