Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edward Hopper

Well, I took the train up to Paris to drop off the Lost Cat originals at my French publisher's offices, then went to see the big Edward Hopper retrospective at the Grand Palais. There were early paintings he did in Paris, illustration work he did back in the US, etchings and of course most of his major paintings, including Nighhawks, that is really mesmerizing to see in real life, and that I wanted to take with me, but it was too big to fit under my coat. It was kind of touching to see how a lot of the people present were elderly, people who had trouble walking or needing a wheelchair. Art is something I never think about and I don't go much to museums, so it took an exhibit like this to make me see clearer that yes, art is important and that to make art is something to be proud of, and that the politicians who don't believe in supporting the arts, who think that money is everything, and who probably never read a book, well, they're wrong and they can all go... jump in a lake.

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