Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Thing

Antarctica. An American research station is taken over by a shapechanging alien. Starring Kurt Russell and some other guys, directed by John Carpenter.

Seeing the trailer for the prequel made me want to re-watch the original. Or the remake, I should say, not the Howard Hawks film. It holds up pretty well, I think. The computers in the film date it more than the creature effects. The walking head sequence is still great, the image I remember best from seeing it in the cinema. The dog in the film should have gotten an Oscar! Russell is pretty good as well. One thing about being Norwegian is that you understand what the crazy Norwegian guy shooting at the dog says, so you know from the opening what is going on, giving the film even more of a gloomy, hopeless feel.


  1. One of my favourite movies ever. The best sf horror. Better than the original version. Lovecraft would absolutely love this movie, it fits well in his philosophy of cosmic horror.

    Do you know Biosphere? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGcc65Gmcbg It's a pity, that he would't compose soundtrack to the prequel :<

  2. No, I don't know Biosphere that much, only that he was part of the group Bel Canto.

  3. My childhood was filled with movies like Alien, Predator and Escape form LA, but I'd somehow never seen the Thing. I finally watched it recently, not knowing what to expect, and really enjoyed it. I never even considered being able to understand the Norwegian in the beginning. Now I need to look up a translation and watch it again.

  4. what does the norwegian guy says?