Friday, July 8, 2011


The third volume of Macanudo, by Liniers, is now out in French. I met Liniers once, in Barcelona, I believe, and he signed me a copy of the Argentinian version. Since it was in Spanish I couldn't read it, but only enjoy the drawings. As usual there are his regular characters, the penguins, the sheep, the girl Enriqueta and her cat Fellini, the sensitive robot, the mysterious man in black, and as usual his strips are filled with humour, but also melancholy and poetry. When will this man be translated into English?!? While we wait, here's his website:


  1. I love his work :)

    He's one of the reasons why I started drawing comis.

  2. Thanks! The other day I read I killed Adolf Hitler and it killed me!
    Hope we´ll meet somwhere soon.

  3. ohh Jason + Liniers...

    admiro ambos trabajos, su humor y mensaje y la calidad en sus personajes.
    En el idioma que sea, no importa

    I admire both jobs, his humor and message, and the quality of its characters.
    In any language, no matter