Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hubert has started colouring my next book, Athos in America. Here's a page from the story The Smiling Horse. The French version of the book will be published by Carabas in October, the English version by Fantagraphics in December.


  1. i may sound like a cliche,
    but i can't wait to see the book.
    i am recently becoming comic books freak (like some of your warevolf caracters)...
    and so far you are my favourite author, just in front of tronheim, sfar, frank cho, satrapi, seth, and couple of others....
    in my opinion you are tom waits of comic books...
    this is an opinion of 44 yr old fan from croatia...
    good luck and take care

  2. Hi Jason, Have you got any more information about the mysterious 'Hubert"? I really like his colour tones. Does he do colouring for other artists has he got a website?

  3. Yes, he's also doing colouring for other artists. I know he coloured one of David B's books. He's also a scriptwriter. Published in English you'll find Miss Don't Touch Me, two volumes from NBM, drawn by Kerascoet, that I recommend checking out.

  4. I am so very happy that there will be more Athos stories; I may just buy the French edition to have it sooner.

  5. Man you are really an awesome artist! you are really a great inspiration :) thanks :D