Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ah, to be a teenager... Actually, can you believe someone who claims they were happy in their teens? First love. And the mystery of parents - who are these people I live with? The director, Richard Ayoade, obviously has a couple of Hartleys , Andersons (Wes) and Jeunets in his collection, but without copying any of them. The film is stylish, without that getting in the way of the story - it's not just surface. The two main actors are very good. Also Noah Taylor as the dad, who I remember in an Australian coming of age film he did in the 80s called The Year My Voice Broke. I don't remember much from that film except that I liked it. I should find a copy and re-watch it. 

Anyway... Submarine is a real film, and they're rare to find these days. Even better - it's funny! I've tried smoking a pipe and flipping coins...


  1. Loved this film. Naturally odd rather than wilfully so, charming without being cloying, and funny.

    Also, though I'm yet to see The Year My Voice Broke, I can recommend its sequel (at least I think it was a sequel) Flirting, with Noah Taylor again and, if I remember rightly, early roles for Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman.

  2. Hmm... could be interesting.

  3. Yes, a very interesting film--I look forward to seeing how this director develops.

    Also, the lead actor reminded me so much of Harold and Maude.

  4. Ah, Harold and Maude, still haven't seen that film...