Friday, July 27, 2012

Montreal sketches


  1. I don't wanna bother you, but as i'm gonna spend some days in Norway, i was wandering if you could recommend me any interesting place to go. I'm travelling with a group of architecture students, so the buildings part is kind of covered, but maybe you could give me some tips, probably something related to comics, or well, any other thing.
    If you want, you can write to me to maquitoz gmail com
    Thanks in advance, and again, sorry if i bother you.

  2. It's no bother! I sent you a mail, but will repeat what I said here. Bergen is a nice city to visit. In Oslo I'd go to the Tronsmo comic book store and Serieteket, the comic book library. Serieteket is in Grünerlökka, which is a nice part of Oslo. And it has not much to do with comics, but the Edward Munch museum and the Vigeland Parc is worth visiting. Have a nice trip! And don't forget to bring lots of money, since Norway is quite expensive.