Monday, July 9, 2012


The place I rent is in a calm working class area. I have to go a couple of blocks, about 5 minutes, to get up to the street where all the shops and restaurants are, including the local hip café, where I get my latté and bagel. I bought a hipster hat in the hope of blending in. I should probably get a tattoo as well.

On the subway an old woman was singing loudly in French. People applauded her as she got off. This never would have happened in Norway. Any person singing on a subway or a bus in Norway would be considered crazy. Or drunk. Or both. The other passengers would probably stare straight ahead and pretend she wasn't there, hoping someone would ask her to be quiet or to leave.

Okay, the book: I'm drawing the long conversation scene. Another sequence where I haven't done much work yet is from the end of the book where the detective goes to an island off Bretagne looking for someone. I've never been there myself, so I have to do my research by google. I've been to St Malo in Bretagne. I wanted the buildings in this sequence, where the detective finds the answers, to look different than the ones in the early part of the story.

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  1. Hello Mr. Jason !

    I can't help to notice you're in Montreal (it's pretty obvious to me !)

    I work in a BD store called Planète BD (3883 St-Denis (métro Sherbrooke) and we love your work and would love to do a little event with you if you're here long enough !

    Come see us or write us at !