Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Giant ants! Directed by Gordon Douglas.

Enough 70s films with longhaired hippie scum! Give me a 50s film when men were men and there was always a big bug around to fight! One starring James Arness - Norwegian Viking, Matt Dillon and Zeb Macahan. Ah, I miss How The West Was Won, that was a great series... Anyway, Them - is it the best big bug film? Probably. There seems to be a pattern in these films. There's a professor who explains what's going on (atomic tests, mutations), with or without a pipe, and he has a fetching daughter that the hero falls in love with. But the film actually looks great, and kudos to the actors who manage to say their lines without cracking up.


  1. Ah! I remember catching that movie on TV every now and then when I was a kid. I've got a soft spot for the giant ants, I think. The other bug movie I remember nostalgically was something to do with killer bees. It might have been called "Killer Bees." The scene I remember best (if I'm remembering it correctly, of course) involves a Volkswagen beetle on a stadium field, being swarmed by the aforementioned bees. I think the bees made it through the air vents... Anyway, I think I still prefer the memory of "Them."

  2. There's a film called The Swarm, with Michael Caine, could that be it? Haven't seen it myself.

    1. Hmm. Based on some quick googling, I think it was a TV movie called The Savage Bees: Or at least it's got a VW bug in the Superdome. Amazing how many killer bee movies there were in the 70s! I guess that was on people's minds...