Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coming Home

Jane Fonda is married to Marine Captain Bruce Dern who is going to Vietnam. She falls for paralyzed veteran Jon Voight. Directed by Hal Ashby.

It's not a bad film - there are some touching scenes between Fonda and Voight - but the film makers are clearly on Voight's side, there's no question which of the men Fonda will choose. There would maybe have been a bit more tension or conflict in the film if they had made the Dern character less of a fool, who 1. can't bring his wife to orgasm, 2. wants her to stay in the kitchen, and 3. got injured by accidentally shooting himself in the foot. The film is saved somewhat by an ambiguous ending.


  1. Haven't seen that one. Recently re-watched The Last Detail: very good.

  2. "Last Detail" was good also but "Being Ther" is a masterpises. One of my favorite american movies. Try to find that one. I think you're gonna like Sellers creation.