Monday, January 9, 2012


This one I saw in the cinema. In Norway it was censored. Several scenes, like Bishop being ripped in two, were cut. It's Cameron's second film, if you don't count Piranha 2, and his best one. I doubt he will make anything better. It's a pretty much perfect film. There's an element of Greek myth to it, the way Ripley goes down to the kingdom of death to get back the little girl. The characters are memorable. The budding relationship between Ripley and Hicks is never mushy. The fight between Ripley and the alien queen is intense. You can sort of see that some of the vehicles are models, but it doesn't take you out of the film the way bad CGI does. It probably should have been the only sequel. I don't know if anything would be lost in a world without Alien 3 and 4. Every alien film is basically one thing: people running down a corridor and the alien coming after them, and how many variations can you do on that?


  1. I remember the first Alien movie making a big impression on me (don't remember if I saw in the theatre or not), but Aliens was even better. I specifically remember how I was taken in by the planet landscape and the whole "feel" of the movie...

  2. It's up there with The Godfather and Mad Max on the short list of good sequels.