Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tom Waits

Top five Tom Waits albums:
1. Swordfishtrombones
2. Heartattack and Vine
3. Rain Dogs
4. Small Change
5. The Heart of Saturday Night

It's difficult to choose only five, since Tom Waits hasn't really done any bad albums, even though I must confess I don't re-listen to some of the later stuff, like Alice and Blood Money, that often.


  1. Bone Machine er garantert det sterkeste Waits har kommet med de siste årene. Et av hans beste album noensinne, spør du meg.

  2. Bone Machine er riktignok bra, men jeg savner litt jazz/beat stilen fra de tidlige albumene.

  3. The new album, "Bad As Me," is really great and it's streaming on NPR right now:

  4. Sort of surprised to not see Franks Wild Years on there, but I love seeing the '70s stuff represented in your list. I end up listening to Nighthawks at the Diner A LOT in the car. Also, theres a late '70s bootleg of Waits in Austin that I really like, best version of Burhma Shave I've ever heard. I didn't listen to the later 90's / early '00s stuff as much until recently when I had a sort of Real Gone revelation and spun that one over & over & over. The new one is excellent as well, not near as boom clank as Real Gone & parts of Mule Variations. A bit more "radio friendly" while still clearly a defined link in the evolution of Waits sound & he & Kathleen's writing. If you haven't had the chance you might want to check it out.

  5. Haven't gotten the new cd yet. Got Round Midnight, though, the Minneapolis Broadcast from 75. It's great. Yes, Frank's Wild Years should have been on the list, as well. And, thinking about it, I would move Small Change higher up, at least number 2, maybe even put it at the top.
    I love the live version of The Piano Has Been Drinking, that was on the LP Bounced Checks, but as far as I can see there is no cd version of that record.