Friday, October 28, 2011

Frank Miller

Top five Frank Miller books:
1. Batman Year One, with David Mazzucchelli
2. Ronin
3. Daredevil - Born Again, with David Mazzucchelli
4. Elektra Lives Again
5. Dark Knight Returns

Batman Year One is number one. It's still a great comic. The first thing I ever read by Miller was Ronin number 3, and it really blew my mind. I knew nothing about Japanese comics and Lone Wolf and Cub, I thought it was all Frank Miller. It's interesting to see Miller work his way through his idols here, Goseki Kojima, Moebius and Hugo Pratt. It's uneven, but the book has a lot of ambition, something that is missing in the later Sin City books. I was actually a bit disappointed by Dark Knight Returns, since it was a lot less visual and cinematic than Ronin. Elektra Lives Again is also a great book, with very moody colouring by Lynn Varley.

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  1. The good old Miller. I would put above Born Again (Matt's fall is brutal) but it's just my opinion. Yeah, Ronin was an ambitious experiment. I like a lot his first stage on DD with the gangsters, ninjas, Bullseye and sewers (someone said Will Eisner?). How to forget the history of Russian roulette?