Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Top five Tintin albums:
1. The Seven Crystal Balls
2. The Shooting Star
3.The Broken Ear
4. The Blue Lotus
5. King Ottokar's Sceptre

The Black Island is also very good - the 1943 edition, not the updated, redrawn version.


  1. Worst one is "Tintin in Congo". Shooting animals, wearing dead monkey skin, and placing dynamit in Rhino... If I will gave a baby, I will not give him/her this album to read ;)

  2. Not to mention that it's racist. But that was the general European attitude towards Africa at the time. The first good album is The Blue Lotus, that has a sequence where Tintin actually talks about racial prejudice.
    For me the worst album is Tintin and the Picaros.

  3. I didn't had the chance to read it yet. In Poland "..Picaros" will have its premiere on 31st October 2011.
    Mayby I will change my mind about worst part after reading "Tintin and Picaros" ;) will see

  4. That's funny, THE BROKEN EAR is one of my least favorites! (The two or three books after THE BLUE LOTUS where Hergé struggles to hit that same high again, and I think for the most part fails.) I bet a lot of this has to do with which books you read at what point in your life... I actually think CONGO is pretty great, albeit morally reprehensible on every level

  5. Hi Kim!
    How is it possible not to like The Broken Ear?! There's a scene of Tintin drunk! Try to find that in one of the later albums!

  6. Wow, no Rackham's Treasure? I'm biased towards that one, it was the first one I read as a kid. The shark sub was amazing, I wanted to build my own. Professor Sunflower (not sure about his name in english) was my hero, what an unwitting nasty little prick! Haddock could kick him in the face and he wouldn't notice any sign of hostility, you have to love a guy like that...

  7. I like the Secret of The Unicorn / Red Rackham's Treasure albums as well, they're just not in the top five. His name is Professor Calculus in English, I believe.