Thursday, February 28, 2013

David Fincher

Top 5 Fincher films

1. Seven
2. Zodiac
3. Social Network
4. Fight Club
5. Panic Room


  1. Alien 3 didn't make the list, I see ;)

    I fell asleep to Zodiac, and I am still not sure that I need to see a movie about the origin of Facebook. But I remember being pleasantly surprised by Panic Room.

    Seven is still one mean movie.

  2. I skipped The Social Network in the cinema, but was pleasantly surprised when I finally saw it on dvd. Zodiac is a great film, definitely worth watching. Yes, Panic Room is pretty good. It could actually be number four on my list. Fight Club is well made, but I never felt any real connection to it.

  3. What about The curious case of Benjamin Button?

  4. Fight Club was cool at the time it came out and is still haunting, but it also embodies the worst of the circa 2000 post modern turn it upside down kinda coolness which makes it harder to watch today than eg Se7en

  5. The Game is underrated, tho a personal favorite, after Seven.
    Have you checked out Fincher's work on House of Cards?
    Maybe it's time I revisit Panic Room, give it another chance...

  6. The Game completely falls apart in the ending.
    I haven't seen House of Cards.