Monday, February 4, 2013

Films of 2012

It seems like I saw eight films from last year, some in the cinema, some on dvd. In order of preference:

1. Moonrise Kingdom
2. Holy Motors
3. Looper
4. Dark Knight Rises
5. Django Unchained
6. Cabin in the Woods
7. Prometheus
8. The Avengers

Which means I haven't seen Argo, Amour or Lincoln, and so on. Holy Motors was a strange film. I think even David Lynch would say, Gee, that was a weird film. It's about madness, beauty, death and cinema. I guess. That we're all actors? Maybe. It has no rules. It's a film to experience if not to understand, so I should probably have seen it on a screen and not on my tv.


  1. I have not seen Amour or Lincoln either, but I did enjoy Argo. In the credits for Argo, Michael Parks is credited as "Jack Kirby," but he only has one line in the movie, sadly.

  2. I haven't seen them all but there are some great things on the list:
    Moonrise Kingdom was really beautiful, what can I say; I am a fan.
    Holy Motors was a great surprise, by far the weirdest movie I saw last year: Viva Monsieur Merde!
    Dark Knight Rises was OK, I guess. But as with Bond-movies, you can only really compare it to the other movies in the series.
    I look forward to Django, and the rest I can live without.

    I can strongly recommend Amour. Along with Shame and We need to talk about Kevin the strongest movie of the last year, in my opinion.

  3. It's a list of the films I saw from last year, not a list of favourite films. Only the two first ones I really liked. Looper I have mixed feelings about, DKR and Django I found disappointing and the three last ones I did not care for at all.