Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I was just wondering...

... do I have ANY clothes without ink stains? I've had favourite trousers and sweaters ruined by dropping the ink bottle or a pen and creating big ink stains, but it seems like a lot of my clothes, somewhere, have one or two tiny ink dots - not enough to throw them away, but you know it's there. Mostly I don't care about it, except for those fancier occasions, like birthdays or something, where you feel a bit bad about turning up with ink on your sleeve. Being a cartoonist you can sort of get away with it, I guess. It might even be expected. The sollution could be to only dress in black. I don't know. They never teach you anything about this in art school.


  1. Wearing black all the time does help. Or not going outside.

  2. Inking naked sounds good, I think that sounds sorta cool, makes you seem all cool and artisty!