Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miami Vice

I watched the first half hour of this film and then gave up. It has the same ugly high def video look as Public Enemies. I thought that Michael Mann cared about authenticity, but the opening of the film takes place in a disco, with loud music, and people still talk in their normal voices, not having to shout back and forth. Right... There's also a lot of scenes of people talking on their cell phones. Cop movies should basically be set in the 70s. And since this is a Mann film, there's all that real cop lingo, making you have to guess what they're talking about half the time. Maybe I'll check out the rest of the film later, maybe not.


  1. Miami Vice is actually my favorite Mann film, although I'm not a very big fan of his in general. He's a stylish director but his screenplays leave a lot to be desired. Especially, as you say, the dialogue. I also thought it was strange that they cast a Chinese actress to play a Cuban character.

    1. Okay, thanks, I might give the rest of the film a shot!