Friday, March 27, 2015

Boardwalk Empire season 4

The best season so far? Maybe. The writing was very strong. One weakness is possibly the Nelson Van Alden character. It seems they didn't quite know what to do with him anymore. And I still have some problems with the casting of Steve Buscemi in the lead role. Bill Paxton was busy? Him and Shea Whigham would have been more believable as brothers. Or Martin Donovan?  Anyway, I loved the way the season ended. Emotionally, it was very effective. And it felt right that the final image was the Richard Harrow character, who in many ways was the heart of the show. I know there is a fifth and final season, but I think maybe I'll skip it. Apparently it has only eight episodes, with lots of flashbacks, and some reviewers found it disappointing. I think maybe I prefer to let the ending of this season be the ending of the show. It's openended, but in my mind that makes it better. 


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  2. I think you're spot on about Season 4. I watched Season 5, and was underwhelmed. They really focus far too much on 'wrapping it all up'. That last episode of Season 4 is a winner though.

  3. If I should come across season 5 one day, I might give it a look, but there is no rush. I'm perfectly happy with this being the ending.

  4. Love reading your blog and checking out the images you put up. Regarding Boardwalk which I've fully caught up with now, that last season has its merits with younger actors capturing Steve Buscemis nuances and ticks. Its disappointing that they completely left out Rothstein though + someting that happens in the finale makes Richard Harrows sacrifice and the ending of season 4 sort of pointless.

    1. Thanks. Yes, this is why I'm a bit nervous about eventually watching season 5.