Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chris Isaak

Top 5 Chris Isaak songs:

1. Wicked Game
2. Back On Your Side
3. Heart Full of Soul
4. Blue Spanish Sky
5. Except The New Girl

Yes, I know, I know, having Wicked Game as no 1 is not the most original choice, but... it's a great song! The video isn't half bad either. The selftitled second album is his masterpiece, though. 


  1. I liked his "San Francisco Days" album a lot back in the late 90s, it spoke to me then. Enjoyed a live concert of his on tv last christmasI think, I even got the video.

  2. San Fransisco Days has several good songs, Except The New Girl being one of them. I was disappointed by his 98 record Speak of The Devil, and haven't bought anything by him after that. Yes, he's a good live artist!