Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another nice review...

of Lost Cat, at Newsarama, here:


  1. Imagine that, you have been reviewed on the same page as a new Batman comic!
    Also, very nice review.

    The start of the storyline with a detective and a cat reminds me of Dirk Gently. Have you ever read "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency"?
    (We solve the whole crime - We find the whole person. Phone today for the whole solution to your problem (Missing cats and messy divorces a speciality))

  2. Ah, no, haven't read that book. Sounds interesting.

  3. It's brilliant. But of course I'm biased, since Douglas Adams is one of my favourite fiction authors.
    One reviewer on Amazon called the first book a "Science Fiction Mystery Comedy", which seems about right. Dirk Gently is a private investigator who believes in the "interconnectedness of all things".

    "Of course I will explain to you again why the trip to the Bahamas was so vitally necessary," said Dirk Gently soothingly. "Nothing could give me greater pleasure. I believe, as you know, Mrs Sauskind, in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Furthermore I have plotted and triangulated the vectors of the interconnectedness of all things and traced them to a beach in Bermuda which it is therefore necessary for me to visit from time to time in the course of my investigations. I wish it were not the case, since, sadly, I am allergic to both the sun and rum punches, but then we all have our crosses to bear, do we not, Mrs Sauskind?"