Monday, June 3, 2013

Egon Schiele sketch


  1. Hello Jason, I'm glad to see this, can I ask if you are making a book with Egon in it? as a teenager he was something like a god to me, I hope I can say I got cured soon, but I think his personality and times could fit very well in one of your stories.
    I've never done this before, but since you show some of your oldest work and write like you are a normal person, I'd like to show you a drawing I did of Schiele back in 2006 (I was 17 or 18 back then and had a horrible signature and style), just to prove I was a real fan:

  2. Hello Joan, that's a nice drawing. Very impressive for you being 17 or 18 at the time. I haven't thought about doing any stories about Schiele. I haven't read any biographies about him, only knowing that he died young. Who knows? Maybe someday... I see there already is a graphic novel biography about him in French. It came out last year, I think.

  3. Good afternoon Jason, thank you very much for saying something, I was filled with regret after sending that message.
    I hadn't heard about that graphic novel about him, but googled it and Schiele looks a bit like a tormented latin lover, all my respect to the author but by the panels I see there that's not the Schiele I think I know, I recognize him better in your sketch, I promise.
    He has a very interesting biography, as a kid he was obsessed with trains, making some brilliant drawings of them, then there's his relationship with Klimt, his taste for being politically incorrect with the choice of models, a stay in prison, a beautiful wife,...and that weird thing he had with making funny poses with his hands for photos. He also represented himself as Saint Sebastian for an art exhibition poster. I don't know, but he is great Jason material, haha
    Thanks again for taking the time to write, have a nice day!