Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So, yeah...

...has this become a boring blog, or what? I'm talking about pancakes and squirrels for chrissakes. And now...

How did I ever survive earlier in my life without a toaster? I dunno. I've gotten hooked on Montreal style bagels. With cream cheese they're dangerously good. Gonna miss them when I go back to France.

and Hoarding!
I thought I was so above reality tv shows. It was something that didn't interest me at all. But I've gotten hooked, again, on a show called Hoarding: Buried alive. It's about people who fill their house with what they consider valuable objects that to everyone else is just garbage. I can't help but watch, probably because I recognize a part of myself in these people. It's never gotten that bad, luckily, but I can see the strange comfort in surrounding yourself with stuff.

Okay, back to drawing cats and dogs dressed up in clothes.


  1. Actually I think the blog has improved, it probably has to do with all the photos of furry animals.

  2. Ha ha. Yes, I should start linking to cute cat clips on youtube.

  3. What is a Montreal style bagel?

    I just watched my first episode of Buried Alive and it is so crazy how well they can manage their life outside their homes. We do identify with them and the therapy is helpful information for anyone that can't figure out how to purge their belongings.

  4. I'm not quite sure what the difference is between regular bagels and these ones. It says Montreal Style on the bag, and that they're baked in an authentic hearth stone oven with wood. Maybe that's the difference. Anyway, they're tasty.

  5. The wood-fired oven is a key difference. Also, Montreal bagels are thinner and denser than New York style, a bit closer in texture to a fresh pretzel. They're also noticeably sweeter in flavor.