Friday, May 31, 2024

Out now in Brazil


  1. Speaking of older releases, I just picked up Jason Conquers America (celebrating your 10 years with Fantagraphics) to read the Hubert interview. He mentioned the near-fluorescent colors of Last Musketeer as an example of how he'd be sure to check in with you before going too far off in a weirder direction.

    I thought of the colors as ‘fruity’ or ‘jewel’ tones—juicier and sweeter than the average Jason book. I also like the cover on my 2nd printing! (They tweaked it in a good direction.)

    1. Oh, I absolutely approved Hubert's choice of colours for Last Musketeer. And yes, the cover of the second printing, with a bit more colours, looked better.

    2. In other news, a friend told me he spotted a Jason Fantagraphics T-shirt in the crowd at a Chicago street festival this past Sunday. That somehow seems exciting, confirming your notoriety.

      Brazil, Chicago… Your reach knows no bounds.