Saturday, November 26, 2022

Happy 100th birthday, Charles Schulz!



  1. I have to admit, my Peanuts worldview is very much based on the television specials. The voice of Charlie Brown, for instance, was never ambiguous or unknown, because it was well-established by the time I first experienced it. It's all gospel, as far as I'm concerned. (Anything that came later is questionable.)

    What would happen if your own stories were adapted for television? I imagine any voices would rub uncomfortably.

    1. The Peanuts specials were never shown on Norwegian TV, so I don't have any nostalgic feelings about them. I've only seen bits and pieces on youtube. They're well made, and much better than the awful Tintin cartoons.

      I don't have any worries about eventual cartoon adaptations of my books. I don' t have any recurring characters. Except maybe Athos. Hmm...