Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Out walking, again


  1. hi mr jason
    I read the interview on zona negative
    where I found the address of your blog
    so I can tell you that your work is fantastic and send you my work to ask you what you think about

    ciao e grazie

    1. Hello Joachim, I'm still out walking. I'll let you know when I get back, thanks.

  2. wow I found out now that you'll be in Lucca!
    I will be at the desk of rusty dogs, not always but sometimes I'll be there
    maybe we meet

  3. I found The Archipelago's Lime on your blog. Very moody, with nice use of blacks. Looked a bit Risso, but that's okay. Your style seems fairly developed, so I'm not sure my opinion will contribute anything, one way or the other. You're already a good artist. Anyway, keep it up and best of luck!