Saturday, July 22, 2017

Camino the 13th


  1. Hello Jason. I would like to purchase online "If you steal". Does your economical reward change depending where I buy the book? Fantagraphics vs Amazon, for example. If there is some difference, I would like to choose the one that benefits you better.
    Sorry for asking you, but I don't know who else I could ask about this.

    PS: Who is Hubert? (Coloring by Hubert) He's great too!

  2. Hello Ivan, that's a good question! I'm not sure. If you buy it from Fantagraphics, they will make more money than if you buy it from amazon. But amazon is cheaper... I'll leave the choice to you.

    Hubert is a colourist, but he also writes scripts for other cartoonists. Some of his books have been translated into English, like Miss Don't Touch Me.

  3. I love this so much! I'm often stumbling upon Friday the 13th comics whenever I google 'Jason comics', regardless of how specific.

  4. Ha! I didn't even know there are Friday the 13th comics.