Friday, January 2, 2015

Only Pacific Rim Left Alive

Pacific Rim
God, this film made me feel old. As in "Is this what the kids like to watch these days?" I didn't get anything out of it. The whole Who will he team up with? thing, the action scenes, the cgi overload, the gobbledygook expostion, the stock characters -- nothing felt like something I should care about. There was one shot in the film I thought was fun, where the arm of the robot went into that building and made the Newton's Cradle toy start clicking. I'm sure it must be fun for Del Toro to get all those millions of dollars to play with, but so far his Hollywood output is just a lot less interesting than his Spanish films.

Only Lovers Left Alive
Okay, Stranger Than Paradise and Down by Law are classics, but Jarmusch's other films have been uneven. He's moved on, which is a good thing, I guess. He doesn't try to make hipster black and white films anymore. I enjoyed Limits of Contol, his previous film. It had an ambiguity that I found lacking in this one -- the story is pretty straight forward. And the best Jarmusch films are "saved" by having a great ending. Which doesn't really happen this time. But Hiddleston could use it as an audition tape if he wants to be cast as Sandman.

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