Friday, July 18, 2014

Wings of Desire

Angels walk around in Berlin. One of them falls in love with a woman. Starring Adolf Hitler and Columbo, directed by Wim Wenders.

Some films you should first see in your early 20s for them to make the biggest impression. Eraserhead, Stranger Than Paradise and... Wings of Desire. If you've grown up with Star Wars and American films, it's something quite different. It's in black and white, not colour. It's arty, not mainstream. It's serious, not a single decent joke. It's even got Nick Cave! Re-watching it now, more than 25 years later, it's still a good film, it looks stunning, but it's also a bit pretentious, trying a bit too hard to be poetic. But once in a while that's okay. The angels overhearing people's thoughts was probably an inspiration for my story Tom Waits on the Moon. I haven't caught up on Wenders' films. This and Paris, Texas are the only films I've seen. I haven't seen The American Friend. I have the impression his films can be too arty, but I might be wrong.


  1. A mí me gustó mucho "Alicia en las ciudades", que copió él mismo para hacer "París ,Texas" para un público nacido con "La Guerra de las Galaxias"

  2. Had to google translate this! Okay, will look for Alice in the Cities.

  3. I would strongly recommend "Lisbon Story", it is not too artsy at all. (Though I don't find any of watched Wenders' movies too artsy) :)