Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Defiant Ones

Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier are two convicts chained together who manage to escape. Also starring Charles Gravelvoice McGraw, directed by Stanley Kramer.

It's a good film. It's a message film, though, so there's not really any big surprise how it turns out. The characters are not completely credible - you can sort of feel them being moved around to make a point. Still, it's more eloquently done than Racism is bad!-film Crash made 50 years later. Curtis is quite good, almost unrecognizable from his usual prettyboy roles, but it's hard not to imagine what the film would have been like with the first choice for the part, Marlon Brando.


  1. Really dig this movie. And I completely agree about Crash. I'm like the only person I know that has a problem with it.

  2. Also agree about Crash, which I found glib and unsubtle whereas all the critical acclaim had led me to expect something highly nuanced and insightful.

    Also, the thing with the gun had me thinking of Aimee Mann referencing Chekhov: "I won't find it fantastic or think it absurd, when the gun in the first act goes off in the third..."

  3. I left the cinema in the middle of the film, the only time I have done that, so I missed the third act.