Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melville, baby

Jean-Pierre Melville


  1. I just noticed the magnification click on your drawing, Jason, nice close-up on the lines. Is there a Melville-inspired noir coming sometime down the line?

  2. Hi, Jason! comment allez-vous?

    by strange circumstances of fate, I discovered your work in Paris, a couple of years ago and Since then I read you. abyway, I have many questions about your work, but I will not bore you (maybe later,sorry)
    I write from Chile, the end of the world
    Un abrazo & good luck!

    PD: make some comic about Charles Bukowski!
    (your Hemingway tale, Los asesinos, was great!)

    PD2: very good drawing! do you know "Le Samurai" by melville? is a great film.

  3. Yes, Le Samurai is a good film. I should watch it a second time.
    And it might not be Melville-inspired, but I'd like to do something in the film noir style.

  4. In Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson can be seen the influence of Le Samurai, specially in the way the camera moves. Also in Punch Drunk Love.