Thursday, December 9, 2010


Boring couple Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis die in an accident. They find themselves back in their old house that is now taken over by yuppiecouple Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara and their daughter Winona Ryder. Baldwin and Davis hire "bio-exorcist" Betelgeuse, Michael Keaton, to chase them out. Directed by Tim Burton.

This is another case of a film that I used to like, but now discover to be slightly boring to rewatch. Again, I'm not sure if this is because I've seen it too many times or because I'm just getting too old to enjoy it. What really saves the film is Keaton, whose performance is a real tour de force. I wouldn't have minded a sequel to this film just to see more of him.

Burton is a pretty uneven director. I still think Ed Wood is his best film. Which he then followed up with Mars Attacks, probably his worst film. I'm not sure I agree with the opinion that he has sold out. I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland, but I thought Sweeney Todd was pretty good. As a whole, though, his recent films seem to have less heart than the early ones.


  1. I like Beetlejuice. I especially like the scenes from the waiting room with all the weird characters (like in the picture.) And, by the way, did you know that Betelgeuse is the name of one of the stars in the constellation Orion's Belt?

    Alice in Wonderland isn't that great, really. It has potensial, but it seems like Burton is just rushing to get the story told, rather than letting the actors and actresses have fun and play around with their characters. As always, the scenography and the costumes are great and colorful and extraordinary, but to me the characters don't get the space they deserve. And the main character gets too boring.
    It's pretty much too Hollywood-ish.

    I agree that Mars Attacks was probably his worst movie.

  2. I seem to remember something about Betelgeuse being the name of something out in space, so yes!
    If Alice turns up on tv one day, I'll probably watch it. The problem with some of his later films like Planet of the Apes and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is that I don't really feel any emotional connection. Which I still do to Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, even if it's a silly film. Also, I think CGI has made his films less appealing.

  3. I feel compelled to comment, if only to say that, that I agree with you on Ed Wood. I put it and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure tied as my two favourite Burton films. As pretty as the rest are, none of his other efforts even come close to those two. Although I must admit a bit of a soft spot for Edward Scissorhands too.

    There, I've said it. Now the internet knows.

  4. Yes, Edward Scissorhands is also good, even though there are some problems with the third act. But that's not uncommon in the Burton films.